On the Issues

First Term SUCCESSes

I have served the Lancaster County Board since my election in 2018, including serving as Chairman and as a member of the Board of Health throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. The success of our vaccination efforts is one of my proudest achievements on the board.

Other highlights include:

  • Successfully led efforts to make our county welcoming to wind and solar energy development. 
  • Spearheading a historically large increase in infrastructure funding for county highways and bridges following the 2019 bomb cyclone weather event and the subsequent flooding. 
  • Significantly increased funding for family programs in Lancaster County including afterschool programs, emergency assistance during the pandemic, and family violence prevention. 
  • Safeguarding our community’s clean air and water from polluting industrial farming operations.


We have a historic opportunity to make our community stronger than ever as we recover and rebuild after the pandemic. This campaign is about seeing my community through a hard time and ensuring that our families and our economy come back better than before.  

My priorities include: 

  • Continuing to fight for economic development through green energy expansion, rebuilding tourism and hospitality, and supporting small businesses in our community. 
  • Strengthening families through services for new mothers, programs for youth development, and beginning construction on a new city-county facility for senior citizens. 
  • Promoting public safety by combating and reforming the school-to-prison pipeline and finding alternatives to incarceration for Lancaster County’s at-risk youth.

Position Statements


Health & Aging Services

The pandemic has shown us just how vital public health infrastructure is to our community. Ensuring that the citizens in the heart of our county receive their fair share of health services is vital – everything from access to vaccinations and immunizations to environmental health and animal control services help keep our community safe and healthy. Having cared for a disabled mother for the better part of decade, I believe that it’s crucial that we care for those who built our community. I will fight to protect and grow health and aging services for our friends and neighbors. In particular, I’m committed to fighting for additional public health and community support for new mothers and families adapting to life changes.

Energy and Environment

Nebraska is one of only a handful of states in to see an increased reliance on fossil fuels this past decade. With the threat of climate chaos looming, increasing fossil fuel production dirties our air and endangers our future. Here in our county we have an abundance of potential clean energy through wind and solar energy production. I’m proud to say I have successfully fought to make our county welcoming to renewable energy development. This is good for our environment and better for our economy. As your County Commissioner, I will continue fight to protect our clean air and water.

Mental Health Services

Our community mental health and behavorial health services require a fundamental overhaul. The community health profile survey of Lancaster County found that the lack mental health services was the number one health concern of county residents. As your County Commissioner, I’ve worked to substanially increase support and funding for these services and will continue to increase access to mental health therapy and substance abuse treatment to meet the needs of people in crisis and to ease pressure on our jails and courts.  In particular, I’ll continue to fight on the state level for a mental health problem solving court for Lancaster County in addition to increased support for our mental health diversion programming.

Libraries, Parks & Rec, After-School Services

I grew up in the parks, libraries and after school programs provided by our community. It’s essential to me these city and county services remain available to our citizens and continue to serve as centers of learning, recreation and community engagement.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Many neighborhoods in the heart of our county live with a crime rate significantly higher than the national average. Our community should prevent crime through more after school programs, community policing, and mental health services. Promoting public safety by combating and reforming the school-to-prison pipeline and finding alternatives to incarceration for Lancaster County’s at-risk youth is necessary for our community to make real inroads against the crime rates faced in the heart of out county. Another one of my goals is to develop a special problem solving court so that people struggling with mental illness can receive treatment instead of jail sentences. This in turn will allow law enforcement resources to go towards addressing the most serious crime.

Roads & Bridges

I’m proud of the county’s historic increase in infrastructure funding for county highways and bridges following the 2019 bomb cyclone weather event and subsequent flooding. This was a necessary investment following such an extreme weather event. But the heart of our county deserves its fair share of road improvement projects as well to make our streets safer and less congested. I will work hard to ensure central Lincoln roads remain a priority while supporting our community’s expansion with the South Beltway project.


Property taxes are too much of a burden for homeowners and those costs are passed down to renters. Services can be provided more efficiently and cost effectively by making technology improvements and centralizing local government infrastructure.  Keeping more money in the pockets of working people is my aim and I’ll consider that every time I vote on tax or spending issues.

Veterans’ Services

Our veterans and their families have sacrificed for our community, the least we can do is ensure they have the services and treatment they need in a timely manner. As your County Commissioner, I will work fiercely for our veteran’s services and fair treatment for veterans in crisis.


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